“9-1-1, what is the address of your emergency?”

I truly have no idea how many times those words have crossed my lips. As a former Public Safety Dispatcher, every time the emergency lines would light up I would take a quick breath and wait for whatever was on the other end to unfold. Sometimes it was a toddler playing with the phone. Sometimes it was a medical emergency. Sometimes it was a tragedy. One time it was a woman having her baby on the side of the road! (Yes, I helped her and her husband deliver their healthy baby boy in a random driveway while they were enroute Code H – or in civil language, on their way to the hospital 😉 .) It didn’t really matter what was about to land in my lap. I had to be prepared for anything. And being prepared for anything has helped to make me a better photographer.

When you are “listening between the lines,” you can quickly pick up on cues like a change in the caller’s voice, or something happening in the background that the caller isn’t telling you about. At a portrait session, you can actually see what is happening, pick up on the cues, and quickly make adjustments. This helps to keep the session flowing smoothly, and creates an environment of comfort and trust. Just like those who dial 9-1-1 trust that someone will answer, listen, and send help, my clients trust that I will keep them comfortable, photograph them in the most flattering way, and recommend portraits and other printed products that they will love. Learning how to listen has also made me a better photographer.

I am no longer a Dispatcher. I now split my time between my love of Photography and my server’s heart as a Waitress. When I greet a table, the guests trust me to make recommendations and ensure their dining experience will be fun and delicious. My photography clients get no less than that same level of service. It is truly my pleasure to spend time with you, listen to what you envision, and create a memorable experience. Short on time? I can help. Kids won’t smile? I can help. Not sure what to wear? I can help. Contact me today and let me know how I can help you.

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