As Seen in Willow Brooke Farms

You know when you visit a website, and somewhere the site lists where the business or entrepreneur is “as seen in?” It’s usually a publication that you have heard of and read once or twice. Or maybe you have never heard of it at all. What does it make you think or feel? Do you think that the business or entrepreneur is talented, popular, in-demand? Do you feel a connection? Do you feel that you can trust the business?

What if instead of being published in a place that you had little or no connection to, that the business had a physical display where you conducted business locally? Somewhere that you could go and actually see what the product or service would do for you, or look like in your home? When a local business supports another local business it is a huge win for the community. Well friends, I am happy to say that She Sells Seashells Photography by Amanda Niehoff is on display at Willow Brooke Farms on Route 4 in North Berwick, Maine! WOOT WOOT!

As seen in Willow Brooke Farms

Willow Brooke Farms is owned by Jeremy Baron, and named after two of his daughters. Currently he offers landscape supplies, pet food, bird feed, a selection of locally butchered meats, and Shaker Pond Ice Cream, with near future plans to open a bakery and sell prepared sandwiches. Yum, yum, and yum!

Willow Brooke is having a GRAND OPENING event on Saturday, October 20th beginning at 8AM. There will be local vendors on site (including She Sells Seashells, of course!) Visit Willow Brooke’s Facebook page at to learn more about this event and the new offerings coming up. It is going to be tons of fun 🙂

Next time you see “as seen in,” think about how that relates to you. And remember that supporting local businesses creates a strong community.

Until next time, LIVE LIFE ON PURPOSE!


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