Maternity Milk Bath

All the plans had been made, outfits selected, and evaporated milk purchased. The problem? The Maternity Milk Bath client didn’t have a tub. How do you take Maternity Milk Bath photos without a tub? And what even is a Maternity Milk Bath?

A Milk Bath session is when milk or a milk product is added to a tub of water. The opacity of the water is controlled simply by how much milk you add. Generally flowers are floated on the surface of the water, however I have also seen photos of children in a milk bath with various breakfast cereals floating around them. Froot Loops anyone?

You may be wondering, “Why a milk bath?” Mother’s milk is the ultimate source of nourishment for newborns and babies. But beyond that, it is believed to also have skin soothing benefits for adults, and some believe its consumption by adults can help to grow muscle mass and relieve a handful of ailments. Actual or perceived health benefits aside, Maternity Milk Bath sessions evoke a feeling of peacefulness and femininity. Especially so when the mum-to-be is relaxed, draped in feminine clothing, and surrounded by flowers. Beautiful, soft lighting also lends to the experience and overall feel of the images produced.

How do you have a Maternity Milk Bath without a tub? After a search for a local Inn or Bed and Breakfast with a tub and great lighting was unsuccessful, my client and I decided to give it a go in the tub in my home. We were able to make sure mum was safe and comfortable all throughout, and we really couldn’t be more pleased with her final images.

If you are (or know) an expecting mum, I’d love to help plan a Maternity Milk Bath session for you. Simply fill out the Contact Form to get your Complimentary Consultation scheduled.

Congratulations Siara T.! I can’t wait to meet Baby J. <3

Maternity Milk Bath



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