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Good morning friends, and Happy July 4th weekend! Welcome to the weekly blog. This week’s edition is dedicated to Senior Photography. I know you all are thinking about barbeques, lazy summer days, and enjoying the long daylight hours. Trust me when I tell you that this time of year speaks to my soul. Although I hate to even mention the “S” word (School that is,) it will be back in session before we know it.? If you have a student that will be a High School Senior, they are going to need pictures.

She Sells Seashells is booking Senior Photography Sessions throughout the Summer, and until October 10th. (That’s an easy date to remember.? 10/10!) Most yearbook printing companies will need your student’s photo by mid-October. When you book with us we will send your student’s favorite photo directly to the printer in the format they require. Simple, right?

Senior Photography is how I got started. I LOVE showing the unique personalities of these young adults through photos. It is such a fun way to let them show us who they are. When you are ready to get started simply fill out the contact form on the home page. Don’t wait until the last minute! Here are some highlights from our most recent Senior Session:

Senior Photography Senior Photography Senior Photography

Until next time, make your own pond!


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