Saving stories via photography

Hello and welcome! It seems that Summer has FINALLY arrived. The kids are getting out of school, the days are long, and the weather has warmed up. YAY! This week I want to talk about saving stories via photography.

Over the past 5 days, I have participated in the Save A Story Initiative hosted by Marie Masse of Fearless and Framed. A group of us via Facebook brainstormed ideas about memories we want to preserve and how to photograph them. We each came up with four, then narrowed down to one. It has been such an awesome experience, I wanted to share with you what my topic was, and the final images and afterthoughts.

Every Summer my husband, my son, and I take day trips. They are usually filled with laughs, lunch, dinner, mishaps, and a very sleepy ride home. This year we started our day trip series visiting Kennebunkport. None of us had ever been there (crazy, right?) We drove along Ocean Ave., stopping at a few scenic overlooks. Tim and Alan climbed down the rocks to explore the coastline. This is one of only a handful of times I wished I had not worn sandals. We had lunch downtown, walked around like tourists, thwarted a would-be shoplifter at a candy store, and visited another nearby beach to look for sea glass.? (It was absolutely FREEZING, and sadly we did not find any.)

A recurring topic in the Facebook group was how many of the members wanted to preserve their “lasts.” For some, that was the last time they carried their child down the stairs before they learned to walk. For others it was the last time they would get unsolicited snuggles. For me, it was the last Summer my son would not have a license. Photographing lasts are just as important as firsts to tell a complete story. Saving a story via photography helped me live in the moments I captured.? The big takeaway for me was re-enforcing living life on purpose, in the moment, instead of just on the outside looking in.

Take a look at some of my favorites from our adventure. When you are ready to start saving stories via photography, contact me and let’s make a plan! Until then, keep smiling and go make your own pond!

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