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Weekly to this week’s Tide Report 🙂 . This week, we reveal wedding photos and talk about when technology malfunctions. Responsible photography requires a back-up plan!

We have all heard the horror stories. “My photographer lost my photos!” This sucks no matter what photos they were, but when they are your wedding photos it is devastating. Digital photography has changed how photos are captured, processed, and stored. No longer do we save strips of negatives from the 1-hour photo drive thru. Today we save digital files. You may be thinking how great that is. It is. But all technology is subject to malfunction, and everything digital can be hacked, deleted, or corrupted.

No matter who you hire for your photographic needs, be sure they have sufficient back-ups in place. And when you get your photos, MAKE A COPY. I cannot stress this enough. She Sells Seashells makes two identical copies to the camera’s 2 SD cards during the shoot. If one card stops working, the second finishes the job. These original photos are then copied to an external hard drive. After processing your files, the edited files are copied back to the external hard drive. A second copy is sent to the cloud. If you receive a USB drive, that is the third copy. When you back up, that is the fourth copy. COPY, COPY, COPY! Make sure your photographer has a plan.

OK, enough doom and gloom. On April 21st, 2017 I had the enormous pleasure of photographing the wedding of Delynn (Davis) Goodrich and Patrick Goodrich at the Regatta Room in Eliot, ME. I became acquainted with Delynn and Patrick when they hired me for their engagement session in 2016. They are such a FUN couple! We had a great time during their engagement shoot, and a fantastic time at their wedding. I wish them a lifetime of love and happiness, and am so happy to call them friends. Delynn, drinks this summer!!! Until next week, make your own pond and dare to be different.

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